Our Services

Cloud Services

Services such as IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure have revolutionized cloud computing and made it more affordable. If your organization is ready to move to the clouds or just simply have questions, we can help.

Managed IT Services

Regardless of its size, managing an organization’s technology can be a daunting task.  With over 20 years of experience in various industries, we can help simplify it, make it more secure, and efficient.

Web Marketing Services

From start to finish, we provide you more than just a pretty website.  We offer you a comprehensive online marketing strategy and resources to reach as potential customers globally as well as local.

Development Services

Today’s technologies have made custom software and mobile applications available to all.  We have the resources to help you streamline your databases, build custom ERP and CRM software, or simply redesign your website.

What Is "The Cloud"?

Cloud services is one of the major services we provide for our client.  But what exactly is “the cloud”.  In general, the cloud is basically a large collection of computers whose resources are shared.  The term once used for this was a datacenter.  The cloud is, in essence, large datacenters available to many users over the internet and its functions distributed over multiple locations.  The video is a brief explanation of the cloud and Microsoft’s Azure cloud services.